Comrades from the free world, I salute you! Today, I would like to write a short post on a topic that has been messing with my mind for quite some time now: performance anxiety and the cult of performance. I do understand that the use of word “terrorism” may be for some demonstration of bad taste. However, isn’t terrorism defined by its will to create a climate of fear? PS: this is my own view, and I’ll gladly accept your own opinions and critics. Even,…Continue Reading “Foutez-vous la paix – A French introduction to mindfulness”

Howdy fellow comrades from the free world ? Today, I would like to urge you, even if you are the dapperest dapper on earth, to give denim a second chance ! On a general note, I think most  of us can agree that the trend we tend to see on Street Styles more and more is the search for a more timeless, comfortable AND aesthetic cut in menswear. As a guy almost neurotic about having pants with clean creases, I have often been dubious about…Continue Reading “For a classic rehabilitation of jeans”

How do you do fellow comrades? I hope you are having a terrific (rather than terrible) monday! Today, I would like to introduce you to the philosophy and the style of Coco Chanel. Let’s be clear right from the start. No dirt or anything is allowed here, let us focus on our topic and keep it civilized. Now now, I know some of you might think it awkward to take lessons from a woman. But, if you consider that style is about esthetics and silhouette,…Continue Reading “What a man can learn from Coco Chanel”

Hi fellows from the free world! Today, I would like to discuss with you an almost philosophical part of thrift shopping, that has been on my mind for quite some time and that appears to me more and more obvious. That Rolling Stones reference is no mistake: it perfectly describes the mindset with which I think we ought to consider thrift shopping, a moment of randomness and discovery. To look for vintage clothing is to accept that you will probably never find exactly what you…Continue Reading “Vintage – You Can’t Always Get What You Want”

Good morning, good noon, good evening and whatever you like comrades! Thrift shops, used goods, vintage, does those words ring a bell? I am writing today because I believe it to be important that I clarify certain points regarding vintage goods. I regularly write about vintage, frequently tell you how great it is, selling it to you with the same energy as a used car salesman. Vintage is truly one thing we like at Le Dandy du Taudis. However, I realize that I never took…Continue Reading “Vintage – Who’s afraid of thrift shopping ?”

Billy Higgins

Hello fellow chaps ! For those of you who are morning birds, I’d like to introduce you to a centenary jazz tune ! (that still echoes nowadays with the same impact I believe). And when you think about its lyrics, its rhythm and its message… All those attributes make us want to believe that There’ll Be Some Changes Made. I will now let you make your own opinion about this classic, discovered thanks to the great Boardwalk Empire and interpreted here by the talented Kathy Brier…Continue Reading “There’ll Be Some Changes Made”

Hey! Nice to see you again Tovarichi Robotniki (my favorite saying in Russian, standing for Comrades Workers). It is official, Le Dandy du Taudis is back in business again. For those of you who may not know me, I’m Max AKA Le Dandy du Taudis (which stands for Dandy of the Slum) AKA a Daniel Radcliffe sized tailoring enthusiast who is both French and American (thus, I say “yeah” instead of “yes). The previous website was a wonderful adventure, with lots of food for thought…Continue Reading “I’m back !”